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Discernment Prayer: Gracious God, we pray for our St. Luke’s family, that you kindle our courage to awaken the dream and vision that is yours for us; for the priest whose name is known to you alone, that he or she will be open to your call. We give thanks for our interim priest Barbara for leading us through this time of transition. Please give us the grace to follow where you lead us. Amen.

St. Luke’s Parish Profile

     “Some Sundays I can feel the Holy Spirit and it is incredibly joyful!”

As a small rural church, nestled in a beautiful, culturally vibrant, yet economically struggling community, St Luke’s Episcopal Church is in need of an outgoing, energetic priest with a gift for engaging with young people. Close by are both a highly regarded university and a recently renovated county hospital, two of the reasons, perhaps, that we tend to attract people who are independent thinkers and who see history and the scientific process as consistent with their faith. In keeping with Episcopal tradition, we put a high value on the liturgy, communion, prayer support, and bible study. With our strong, ecumenical convictions, we work hard to develop and maintain relationships with all the area churches and pastors. We are also always striving to maintain the “middle way”, celebrating the wisdom and beauty of Catholicism as well as our own Protestantism.

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Kinneowatha Park, Wilton

The silver lining to our diminishing numbers is a deep sense of commitment and family among church members, and an eagerness to find and use all the talents God gave to each of us. Over and over members and visitors alike have said how precious is the love and support they have been given at St Luke’s. One parishioner put it this way: “When my mother passed away, even though she didn’t live here and none of you knew her, I felt the literal meaning of Jesus’ words, ’What you do for the least of these you do for me.’”

When asked what attracted her to our parish, our interim priest, said, “Your energy!” This willingness to roll up our sleeves is certainly epitomized by our numerous outreach projects. The most popular is Santa’s Workshop, a one day sale held each December where area children shop for very inexpensive, community donated gifts for their loved ones. Our most successful fundraiser is a two weekend lobster roll sale held in both Wilton and Farmington, or, as some of us think of them, our two home towns. We also have an outreach partnership with a sister church, St. Luc’s in Trou du Nord, Haiti.

Music and the Arts have always been an integral part of the life of our little church. We have a tradition of fine musicianship and singing, and for 25 years in a row we have presented a Chancel Drama at our Christmas Eve service. Presently, we are involved in elevating our chancel area to accommodate religious drama, music, and other artistic events that will draw in people from the community.

St Luke’s is looking for a faithful shepherd, a follower of Jesus who will support and encourage our ministries; as well as, someone who can skillfully preach from scripture, but will also incorporate the concerns, joys and challenges of the community and world in which we live. Helping us to increase our numbers must also be a priority. In addition, our new rector needs to be passionate about the hopes and dreams of today’s youth, and in the words of one of our acolytes, “be understanding and easy for the kids to talk to.” Most of all, we need a priest with the courage and creativity to stand outside of their own comfort zone, and to encourage us to do the same because, as one of our supply priests recently put it, “That’s where opportunity lies.”

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