History of St. Luke’s Wilton

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church was founded in November, 1949 by a small group of dedicated people. That dedication has always characterized its people who faithfully worshipped, supported the church and were active in the community. First located on Main St. in Farmington, in 1995 the congregation outgrew its building and found facilities which met its needs by purchasing what had been St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Wilton. In 1999 St. Luke’s celebrated its 50th anniversary with the Rev. Tim Walmer, who came in 1997.

Although the church moved to Wilton, it retained Farmington roots and continued to draw people from the area around Farmington and Wilton. St. Luke’s parishioners remain active in both communities. We participate in ecumenical activities and outreach programs in both Farmington and Wilton. Recently, people have joined the congregation from the Jay, Livermore area, as well.

Over the years many people have passed through the doors, and many moved as employment or life circumstances took them elsewhere. The congregation remains faithful, dedicated to Christ through the church, and focused outward beyond its own walls.